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Aviation History puts you in the cockpit. Get the fascinating stories of the aircraft, the pilots and the technologies that define man's attempt to conquer flight!

Aviation History  6 issues Aviation History 6 issues

Offers aviation enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds the most comprehensive, authoritative and in-depth coverage of the history of world aviation. Each issue provides keen insights and exciting stories about the people, planes and events comprising manned flight's rich history, from the field's leading writers and researchers. Action packed accounts put readers in the cockpit to experience aviation's greatest dramas, accompanied by the finest artwork, meticulously researched photography, illustrations and maps.

6 issues Only $3.32 per issue. That is 33% off.

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The editors and staff of Aviation History Magazine welcomes you.

Takeoff into the blue and partake of all the drama and excitement inherent in the history of flight – of aviation’s role in times of peace and war. In our pages you’ll meet a unique group of pilots, air aces, and designers as we recount the records they achieved, the visions they realized, the exploits for which they are remembered.

In short, you’re in for great adventure! It is with great pleasure that we look forward to sharing with you our fascination with the history we recount, issue by issue, in the pages of AVIATION HISTORY.

Thank you for your interest. We know that it will be well rewarded.

  • Aviation History MagazineIncisive writing from top historians and first person accounts take you… from the Flying Tigers early WWII missions to the Strategic Air Command during the Cold War, from the epic 1919 Sopwith Wallaby attempt to fly from England to Australia to the runs to the North Pole, from the final F-4 Phantom mission over Saigon to the Israeli 1982 invasion of Lebanon, and to hundreds of military missions and civilian flights in between!
  • Rare, archival photographs and beautiful artwork transport you back in time
  • Intriguing articles on the pilots, designers and builders who had the “right stuff”
  • Restored aircraft, book reviews, events historic modeling, and much more!

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Publication Type: Periodical
Status: Active Frequency: Six times a year
ISSN: 1076-8858
Country: US Language: English
Publisher: Cowles Magazines
Publisher Address: PO Box 8200, Harrisburg, PA 17105
Publisher Contact Information: (800)829-3340, (717)657-9555, Fax: (717)657-9526

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